Road Tanker Spare Parts

We, here at Road Tank Repairs and Services WA, understand that your business depends upon getting maximum usage and efficiency from your tanker fleet and equipment. That is why our experienced and qualitied technicians are committed to providing you with only the highest-quality road tanker spare parts and equipment, whether you run an independent small business or are in charge of a large national fleet.

From complete road tanker fuel delivery systems and one-off tanker components and valves to bottom loading adaptors and overfill protection, we carry a large range of road tanker parts and equipment in stock to keep your tanker where it belongs – on the road!

bitumen tanker spare parts

Tanker Hoses & Hot Hoses

Look no further than Road Tank Repairs and Services WA for all your road tanker spares needs. Our spare parts inventory includes:

Hydraulic Hoses, Motors & Couplings


We offer an extensive selection of hydraulic hoses, motors and couplings from trusted manufacturers, all developed and manufactured to significantly increase your uptime and help you maintain safety on the road.

Isotainer Parts – Valves Gaskets & Seals


A cracked valve gasket or an improper seal has the potential to lead to a variety of severe issues for your road tanker if not replaced. Save yourself the time and money of costly repairs by purchasing high-quality and reliable valve gaskets and seals from us.

Gaskets, Seals, Fittings


By using our wide range of gaskets, seals and fittings are extremely reliable and will surely keep your maintenance and downtime costs to a minimum.

Pneumatics – Valves, Switches, Fittings

Valves and switches

Quality pneumatics will pay for themselves many times over in added capabilities and time saved. We have a huge selection of pneumatic spare parts (valves, switches, and fittings) that are well-engineered and affordable.


Fuel Tanker Parts – Valves, Fitting & Adaptors

Road Tank Repairs and Services WA has an established reputation for supplying high-quality fuel tanker spare parts and is second to none. Our state-of-the-art facility is stocked with high-quality products for all manufacturers and all configurations of tankers. If you stand in need of any spare part for your road tanker, we can promptly provide you with it.


Heavy duty

Price competitive

At Road Tank Repairs and Services WA, we deliver our services for both single tanker owners and a large national fleets. We are available Monday to Friday 7am – 3.30pm, so you can contact us at any time to know more about our road tanker spare parts.

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