Road Tanker Services

Road Tank Repairs and Service WA professionals are well trained and specialised in road tanker servicing. We, as a road tanker service provider, are highly popular in the market as we provide great quality services, premium support, and price-competitive solutions.

Our dedicated team of technicians are years of experience in delivering reliable road tanker services that include all kind of preventative maintenance, routine, and repair procedures.


Semi Trailer Mechanical Servicing & Dolly Servicing

When you bring your semi trailer and dolly equipment to Road Tank Repairs and Services WA, we carry out all of your trailer mechanical service under one roof and according to your unique requirements.

We are also capable of delivering a wide range of services for road tankers, such as tank degassing and cleaning, hatch and vent testing, hydrostatic pressure testing, bulk meter calibration and certification, and many more.

Tank Degassing & Cleaning


We also provide superior road tank degassing and cleaning services in Perth for both single tanker owners as well as large fleet in Western Australia.

Hatch & Vent Testing


Our dedicated team of technicians are also capable of delivering hatch and vent testing services for road tankers by using innovative equipment and tools.

Bulk Meter Calibration & Certification


We are at the centre of excellence in bulk meter calibration and certification for liquid fuel trade and business activities where accurate measurement is required.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

hydrostatic pressure testing

At Road Tank Repairs and Services WA, we plan, design and implement hydrostatic pressure testing procedure to types of road tankers.

SLP Inspections Hose Testing & Tagging


We also provide SLP inspection, hose testing and tagging to ensure that your hoses and road tankers are fully compliant every 6 months.

EBS & ABS Servicing & Conversions


Road Tank Repairs and Services is one of the most capable EBS and ABS servicing and conversion service providers in the Perth area for dealing with any of your road tanker’s ABS and EBS faults that may occur.


Prime Mover DG Fit Ups & Builds, Custom Exhaust Splash Guards, DG Compliant Electrical Repairs

Whether it be prime mover DG fit ups and builds, exhaust splash guards or DG compliant electrical repairs, we provide high-quality services, here at Road Tank Repairs and Services WA.

We are well-known in the industry to provide services that are:


Custom made

Price competitive

At Road Tank Repairs and Services WA, we deliver the services for both single tanker owners and a large fleet. We are available Monday to Friday 7am – 3.30pm, so you can contact us at any time to know more about our road tanker repair services.

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