Road Tanker Repairs Kalgoorlie Location

RTR Kalgoorlie, (March 1, 2020) – Western Australia’s leading bulk liquid tanker repair and maintenance provider, Road Tank Repairs & Services WA, has now opened its new branch in Kalgoorlie, WA.

Road Tank Repairs & Services WA (RTR), the trusted name in road tanker repairs in Perth, has expanded its business operations and presence in Western Australia with the recent launch of its second branch in the goldfields region of Kalgoorlie. Located at Craig Street, West Kalgoorlie, the new repair facility has opened as a direct response to the rising enquiries from local companies in Kalgoorlie looking for high-quality road tank repairs & spare parts supplier in the Kalgoorlie region, to assist in keeping their tanks and tankers well-maintained, safe & compliant. The ambitious expansion comes as a part of RTR WA’s directors proactive approach to provide ongoing support to regional customers who have bulk liquid tankers working in the challenging environment. RTR’s commitment to supporting its regional customers has come from numerous requests to service the area with a more cost effective manner then what is currently available.

Road Tank Repairs & Services WA aims to offer the regional bulk liquid tanker community in Kalgoorlie quicker access to off the shelf spare parts to limit down time, and get their tankers back on the road and back to work as quickly as possible. The availability of “Off the shelf” parts is a service which hasn’t been available in the goldfields for many years. RTR will have a full selection of tanker parts from probes to hoses and everything in-between. Their commitment to Kalgoorlie will also include some their Perth based staff and service technicians with years of experience being available to attend and conduct all kinds of preventative maintenance and testing which will include 5 Yearly Hydrostatic pressure testing, 2.5 Yearly hatch and vent testing, code hose testing and remote location SLP Inspections. RTR don’t just do repairs and maintenance to fuel tankers, they also conduct repairs to chemical tankers, acid tankers, water tankers and oil tankers. Their dedicated team professionals are looking forward to assisting all the major transport businesses in the Kalgoorlie Boulder region.

Over the past 6 years, Road Tank Repairs & Services have consistently provided all of their Perth based customers with unmatched premium support levels & price-competitive solutions which has helped them gain very loyal customers and achieve great success in the bulk liquid tanker industry. RTR look forward to providing the same levels of service & support to their regional customers. Their goal is to be a reliable partner and provide great assistance where ever possible.  Pride, Quality, Service.   

About Road Tank Repairs & Services WA – Perth  

Road Tank Repairs and Services WA is a purpose-built tanker repair facility located in Bibra Lake, Perth Western Australia. RTR specialises in bulk liquid tanker repairs and maintenance. RTR provides services including, spare parts, welding, fabrication, mechanical repairs and servicing which includes tankers, flat tops, dolly’s, drop decks, tippers and dolly’s. They also provide EBS and ABS servicing and conversions, SLP inspections hose testing & tagging, bulk meter calibration and certification, hydrostatic pressure testing, tank and tanker degassing and cleaning, 2.5 Yearly hatch and vent testing and much more. RTR provides services to all brands and models of road tankers used in the bulk liquid tanker industries in Western Australia. For more information about our comprehensive service list, visit the Road Tank Repairs and Services WA’s website.